The fire shutter doors are divided into normally closed fire doors and normally open fire doors according to the open state. Normally closed fire doors are usually composed of fire door fans, door frames, door closers, sealing strips, etc. Double or multiple normally closed fire doors are also equipped with secondary devices. Fire shutter doors usually do not require electrical professional to provide self-control design, but there are also some special conditions such as: normally closed fire doors on the dispersed channel. When some large buildings have administrative requirements such as anti-theft, they should be designed by electrical professional as comprehensive as possible. Reduce security risks.


  As for the normally open fire door, it is necessary to add a fire door release switch in addition to all the accessories with a normally closed fire door, and it must be provided by the electrical professional to provide a self-control design. It is usually applied to a dispersed channel with a large flow of people. These two types of curtains are the same as the single-plate steel fireproof roller blinds. The former adds a thin-walled steel pipe with small holes in the middle of each joint of the curtains, and two soft rubbers at the two ends of the curtain. It is connected to a thin-walled steel pipe. When a fire breaks out, the water flows through the rubber hose and leaks out of the small hole. When it is heated, it vaporizes, absorbs and takes away the heat of the curtain to cool it. The latter is to set up a steel pipe on the side of the back surface of the curtain. On the steel pipe, a small hole is drilled densely. When a fire breaks out, water is sprayed through the small hole and sprinkled on the curtain, and flows down, absorbs heat and evaporates, making the curtain The film cools down.

  这两类特级防火卷帘门虽都能满足标准请求,但存在如下缺陷:①水以细流方式射出,流淌水较多,所需单位时间消防用水量大;②钢质水管上的小孔,孔径小,平常不用,时间长了易产生锈蚀梗塞,使喷水不均,影响时效; ③汽雾式钢质特级防火卷帘门胶管易老化,重复弯曲易毁坏。

  Although these two types of special-grade fire shutters can meet the standard requirements, they have the following defects: 1 water is sprayed in a trickle manner, and there are more flowing water, and the required water consumption per unit time is large; 2 small holes in the steel water pipes, The pore size is small, usually not used. It takes a long time to produce rust infarction, which makes the water spray uneven and affects the aging effect. 3 The steam mist type steel super-grade fire shutter door hose is easy to aging, and the repeated bending is easy to destroy.